Flourish Sessions: For Photographers

Flourish (verb): To grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result of a particularly favorable environment.


When I first started my photography business, I remember being full of wonder and curiosity in learning my craft and figuring out my photography style.  I enjoyed taking photos of family and friends, but when it came down to getting photos of my ideal client or practicing with a population of people that I didn’t have any initial connections with, I was completely lost.   

I can also remember having these beautiful visions that I would like to come to life.  For my own learning and advancement in my photography, I would have loved to have had access to a place where I could try new things without the worry of messing up or disappointing a client.  A place where I could practice, build my portfolio, and network with others in the creative industry and my community as a whole.  Because I didn’t have this in the beginning, I felt lost and overwhelmed.  Thus, Flourish Sessions have been created for a multitude of reasons, but one the biggest being to connect you with others and provide you with opportunities to explore your photography passion, gain experience with your ideal clients and shooting environments, and to give your vision purpose and meaning for yourself and those you work with.

Together, let's cultivate a caring learning environment with your personal business growth in mind and for you to share your talents with a wide range of courageous, brave people within your own community.

Flourish Session May 7, 2017 Senior Shoot Out

Why join?

Flourish Sessions have been created to provide a healthy, caring learning environment to give you the freedom to try new styles, to refine your skills, and to find purposeful work with populations of people that you would like to gain more experience in shooting.  In addition to working on personal photography skills, you learn about the power of others' stories and how you are able to bring out the beauty in their courage and life experiences and celebrations.  Your photography talent is a gift, and Flourish Sessions give you the opportunity to stay curious with your creativity and art, strengthening your own business and photographic journey and vision.

Together we can help others and ourselves flourish in our creative community and our physical living community.  Let’s raise each other up and celebrate these life journeys that we capture through our lens.  I believe strongly in doing something purposeful with your gifts and talents, and my hope foe you is to give you opportunities to be a part of your community beyond just snapping a photo, because we do more than that, we stop a memory in time and capture emotions in a single image.  We are storytellers.   

We are so glad you are here.  If you do not find a Flourish Session theme or story that resonates with you yet, keep checking back, as we will add more opportunities and populations of people to work with throughout the year.  All spot reservations for Flourish Sessions are first come, first serve so check here to be the first to know, or sign up for email notifications about updates and announcements below.

Keep growing and learning, but know you are right where you need to be in this moment and are enough in this journey!

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