Road to you Coaching

Your Journey to Discovering, Exploring, Celebrating, and Becoming You

Coaching for the woman who feels like she is missing something in her life and who wants to move beyond her fears, self-doubts, comparisons, and perfectionism to live a more joyful and whole life.

Coaching for the women looking to move beyond her fears, comparisons, and perfectionism to life a more joyful and whole life | Stacy Carosa | Road To You Coaching

When you acknowledge you are feeling stuck in knowing how to feel whole and complete in your life, there are ways to begin your journey to break this cycle. Through intentional coaching, you can embarking on a journey to rediscover who you are and who you want to become.  It means redefining and rediscovering what it means to have self-love and acceptance, to have confidence in who you really are, and to explore the things that bring joy into your life. This is your Road to You.


It’s time to invest in yourself, not just think about the changes you want to make. It’s time to really dip deep into the blocks stopping these changes from happening. You realize that it is time to invest in yourself because...

  • You want clarity in who you are and what brings you joy but you are feeling lost and don't know where to start in discovering your true self.

  • A major life event happened and you have been thinking about who you really are as a person.

  • You ask yourself, “What am I doing with life?” and you have been reevaluating your career path, what's important to you, and not prioritizing the things that matter to you.

  • You want to make change but feel self-doubt about trying something new.

  • You crave to feel more connected to your passion but you are unsure of what your passions and hobbies are or doubt your ability to do those things well.

  • You want the ability to confidently take steps towards unraveling old habits to create brave, actionable steps in a direction that feels right.

  • Life’s expectations have changed, and change can be really difficult to navigate sometimes.

What if…

  • You had a way to reinvent yourself into the person that you desire to be?

  • You were to find clarity in what your passions are and were able to take steps towards making positive changes and habits that bring joy to your life.

  • You felt confident in celebrating your successes, no matter how big or how small, because you now recognize that your journey to your best self is filled with many stepping stones.

  • You are able to identify where your fears and self-doubts are coming from and acknowledge when they are holding you back.

  • You were able to be unapologetically you because the opinions of others no longer dictated who you are.

  • You have skills to look at your fears and self doubts with compassion by acknowledging they are there and move beyond your fears to take steps confidently toward your best you with a new perspective

  • You are able to unplug from social media without FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) because you have narrowed down what is important in your life, and it isn’t all about the ‘gram (or whatever platform hooks you in).

  • You felt whole physically, emotionally, and professionally because of inner work that helps you to become grateful for the life you have and know you are making progress towards your best self

  • You no longer worried about what others thought about you because you are secure in your love for yourself and the life that you lead

  • You could commemorate the time when you made bold and brave changes for yourself through a portrait session to reflects who you are during your transformation.

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A Road To  You Coaching Session is aimed to guide the woman who feel like something is missing in her life to explore and discover who she has been after all of these years of trying to please and serve others.


Investing in yourself can take courage.  We are always taught to put others’ needs in front of our own, and before you know it, we realize that we have lost track of who we really are. When you book yourself a Road to You coaching session(s), you are giving yourself permission to put you first and to start designing and discovering the you that has been tucked away for so long.

I get it, this feeling of being stuck or lost in who you are. Sometimes you might also feel like you don’t quite fit in. I have been there, and I have had these exact same thoughts. If it hadn’t been for a fresh perspective and a coach of my own to ask questions that opened my perspective of myself, I would have never make the strides I have in living a more joyful, grateful, and intentional life. I also noticed that when I put in the work to make positive changes for myself internally, it also improved my relationships with others, my overall confidence and happiness within myself, and improved how I cared for myself on a regular basis.

This can be the same for you too. The way each person makes a change in their life can look very different. There is not one magical book or magical program that will give you all the answers. Often times we want instructions for how to change our lives by following these simple steps. That’s all nice to hear, but the real shifting and changing comes in your life when you realize that everyone is different and that your progress does not, and will not, look like everyone else’s.

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The Difference

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There are so many ways to connect with others and with yourself today, but the Road to You coaching experience is special because it has been created to both help guide you in your journey toward creating and knowing your best self as well as celebrating you as you are in the present day. I have been helping coach others in discovering their full potential in my 13+ years of working in education and have earned a counseling Master's degree, which means I have had training and have been able to apply my knowledge of asking sometimes the tough questions that will help you to dig deeper into understanding your old habits and create new ones that better align with how you see joy in your life.

To celebrate you, as you are and if you choose to, you have the option to  do a photo session to commemorate this time of change. When you invest in yourself and your well-being, not only do you feel more confident on the inside, but it shows on the outside. Together, we will capture this new bravery and pride in revealing who you really are in images that will remind you of the moment you took steps towards a positive change for yourself. There is power in having images of yourself that you love and that will bring you back to a time when you felt most like yourself.

But you don’t live in Colorado?  No worries, friend! There are also options to add the photo session portion at a later date whether this is when you are passing through  Colorado or if you would like to set up a session if I am in your area. Start your internal work now, and together we can pick a different time to meet up for your photo session to commemorate the changes you are making for yourself.  There are coaching options with and without the photo session (however, the photo session is highly recommended, as it helps women celebrate who they are and step out in their vulnerability of learning to live in their true self).


The Features

Road to You Coaching Session(s)

  • 1 hour coaching session which includes an intake to see which goal you would like to discuss during our time together

  • You also have the option to choose the 3 session package for more time together to dip deeper into the changes you would like to make for yourself and the blocks holding you back from doing so

  • Coaching sessions are done virtually or, if you are in Colorado Springs or Denver area, in person at a local coffee shop if you would rather meet in person

  • Email check-in and follow-up two weeks later to check in with you on how you are doing and encourage you to continue to do the tough internal work to make a lasting change

  • Notes from our meeting to help bring together themes that come up during your session and for you to reference later

Empowerment Photo Session

  • 75 minutes photo session held at an outdoor location that we choose together (in Colorado or Michigan), if you are outside of these states it is up to you to provide your own transportation and lodging, or if I am in your area in the future, we can arrange your session then

  • All edited photos in a private online downloadable gallery

  • Printing right to your photos - and you can use them on social media, for professional purposes, or just plain to tuck away to take out as a reminder when you need a boost in confidence in what you can truly accomplish

  • Professional printing options available especially for you

  • Color and black & white versions of all of your edited photos inside your gallery

Add-On Options

  • Additional coaching sessions

  • Official Myers Briggs assessment and interpretation

  • Photo session after-the-fact or if you just plain want another photo session - let’s do it!

  • Additional check-ins on your progress and to help create better accountability

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Right now is the best time to invest in yourself

You have been lingering on wanting to make a change in your life, and you constantly imagine what would make a good life.  You picture how you would like to be known and seen in this world - living in your best self.

You are looking for what life could look like in the future, but why wait until then?  We are not promised everyday, so taking the leap to invest in yourself now means that you can begin to make small changes that bring you joy in the present. There is no need to always be reaching for the next best thing when joy, calmness, and feeling whole can be attainable while you are reaching your big goals.


If you look around and realize that you have a good life but there still feels like there is something missing from your life, now is a good time to rediscover who you are and what might be holding you back from truly living in your best self.  After our coaching session, you will leave with small actionable steps of things to start implementing for exploring about yourself, because sometimes figuring out the small first steps is what can trigger a domino effect of positive change for you and your life.

For years, she has felt the need to be liked, to be helpful, and to provide for others, but has fallen short in caring for herself. We will look deeper into the places of our lives where we don’t feel enough and learn how to bring joy back into our everyday life by knowing who we truly are as a person.

You are able to envision what you would like your best self to look like but are having trouble putting together your first steps to reach this.