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What is a With Love Session?

Stacy Carosa Photography is founded on celebrating transitions in people's lives. Most of the time this might be in the form of transitions that are pretty obvious like graduations, starting a new job, or becoming engaged.  However, everyone goes through transitions in their lives that are not so obvious.  These not so obvious transitions are the ones that we should celebrate more because they are often times the transitions that showcase our courage, strength, and perseverance.  These are the moments in life that we may or may not share with many people but we are proud of our accomplishment and the ways it has shaped us. 

With Love Sessions are for those admirable woman who achieved a personal goal or milestone, for the woman who is finding her own strength through a hardship, for the man who is l earning to lover herself for who she is while throwing away the constructs of society because finally she sees herself as beautiful, and they are for the woman who is finding courage in celebrating her life journey and would like to preserve who she is in this moment because it's real, it's authentic, and it's totally her.

Do you know of a woman in your life who has been courageous or who you admire?

Are you a woman who is proud of accomplishing a new personal milestone or whose strength and courage has been tested, but you are proud of where you are today because of it?

With Love sessions are for you!