Caleb: Senior Session | Cheyenne Mountain High School

Stacy Carosa Photography senior photos Helen Hunt Falls Cheyenne Canyon Colorado

As it got closer  to Caleb's senior session, there was inevitably rain in the forecast.  I swear, every time that I would refresh the weather, even if it was every five minutes, the prediction of when the rain would come that day would be changes.  We finally settled on a time in the afternoon, in-between when it was predicted that we would have storms.  Our timing was perfect and the senior session was underway.

Caleb is a very sweet, kind man.  It is easy to tell that he is a deep thinker, and we was able to catch on quickly, that changes between the smiles and the 'serious face.' Caleb is a gentle soul and it is evident that he will succeed in his future endeavors as a Architectural Engineer.  In the meantime, he still has his senior year to complete and is looking forward to soccer and continuing to be a part of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

It was a pleasure to take photos for Caleb, and I wish him all the best.  Senior year can be full of many exciting experiences and easgerness to move on to college.  I hope that this process goes smoothly for Caleb and that he enjoys all that his future as to hold for him.

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