Mother & Daughter Headshots | Personal Branding Photography | Colorado Springs, CO

It's not everyday that I get to see my mom in person, so this session is extra special to me.  Not only did I get to take photos of my mom, but she also tried her hand at some photos of me.  This is a new special memory for me, and then photos confirmed how much I look like my mom.  Here's the back story... 

I have been stir crazy these past few months.  Back in February, my Achilles tendon ruptured and I was put in a cast for nine weeks.  Every two weeks I went into the doctor's to get a new cast and slowly work my foot back to 90 degrees as my Achilles naturally healed itself.  No surgery was nice, but that also meant no driving and a sweet knee scooter.  You might be wondering where this story is going, but I swear, it brings us to this lady right here. She came all the way from Michigan to Colorado Springs to help take care of me, and I made her do a photo mini session.


When it got closer to me finally going into a walking boot, my husband/taxi driver, was going to be away for a work trip, so may parents were so gracious enough to come into town to drive me to work and back.  My dad came out for one week and my mom for another. During the second time with my mom, we did our own little photo shoot.  I had been working on a backdrop for future photo shoots, and I wanted to test it out, and I thought, how appropriate to get m y mom in front of the camera.  This woman right here needs to be celebrated because she is the most caring, loving, and helpful person that I know.  As I continue to work on developing and molding my photography business into what I envision, doing sessions like these are what I strive for.  I want to help others feel as beautiful as they truly are.  

It was such an honor for me to take some photos of my mom.  These, I feel, represent her pretty well, as she can always be found with a smile on her face, especially if she is around her grandchildren.  My relationship with my mom is a great one.  One that I talk to others about how since college she has become more than a mom, but more of a friend.  As I have grown older, I have learned to appreciate my mom's service to others, a true caretaker, and her ever-growing sense of humor.

In between photos of her, I had asked if she could take a couple photos of me in front of my new backdrop of dictionary pages that I so proudly created.  And these are what she took.


In case you didn't think we looked like twins, here's the side-by-side.  You'll just have to believe me when I tell you that our middle school selves are also twins.  Our side profile and some mannerisms are very similar.  I have always found it interesting to see families for photo shoots and can instantly pick out the resemblance between the family members.  This is no exception.  I look just like my mother, and this is a wonderful thing.

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