Audrey: Senior Session \ Liberty High School \ Manitou Springs

Manitou Springs always reminds me of a place where, no matter your age, you can be a kid again and have fun in the little town.  When Audrey mentioned that she wanted to go there, especially because she loves the Penny Arcade, I knew we were in for a fun session.  Audrey is kind and considerate, and I enjoyed hearing her talk about her future plans and memories from high school so far.  She has a beautiful soul, and her outlook on life leads me to believe that no matter what comes along in her life, she will be able to find the positive in the situation.

Senior girl sitting on wit bench with toys displayed in store window Photos Manitou Springs Liberty High School Colorado Stacy Carosa Photography

Audrey has plans to attend college after high school, but as of now, is undecided in her major.  Quite honestly, that is probably the best place to be after leaving high school.  There are so many opportunities that will present themselves, and let's be real, most people are still learning about themselves right after leaving high school.  One thing is for sure, Audrey is interested in traveling and seeing more of the world, and one career path that stuck out was going into cinematography.  For someone with a fun-loving personality and who finds joy in the magic of things, this sounds like a career that would be good to explore.

When meeting for Audrey's session, I also had the pleasure of meeting her parents and her dog.  I loved chatting with her and her family about the importance of pets, and it melted my heart seeing Audrey play with her pup friend.  Audrey also mentioned in her questionnaire that her parents have always loved and supported her throughout her life, and she is grateful for them, more than they could ever know.  The bond between parents and children can be so sacred and special, such as in this case.  I hope their relationship and friendship continues to grow as Audrey graduates and starts a new chapter in life.  It's so cool to be able to have your parents by your side in support of your dreams.

Audrey senior photos Manitou Springs Stacy Carosa Photography Colorado

Audrey mentions that one of her greatest life lessons so far is "that life goes on whether or not you're happy about it. So do what you can to appreciate life and what it has to offer, make decisions based on what you want in life and don't second guess yourself for the benefit of anyone else. Do what you know will make you happy. Life is short."  Another great piece of advice.  In meeting my seniors, I am always amazed at the wisdom that they hold.  This is why stories are so important.  In learning about others, we can also learn how to overcome challenges and know that we can find strength within ourselves.  

Wishing Audrey a wonderful senior year and all the best in her future!  I hope that the journey into college brings many adventures and opportunities that will help to keep the joy and spirit alive.  There will always be the magic of Manitou Springs to be you back to our playful, carefree selves.