Colorado Springs Senior Photography | Ian Senior Session at Garden of the Gods | Rampart High School

When we decided to go to Garden of the Gods for Ian’s senior photos, it was a prefect spot for a little pop of color from the red rocks, the green plants on the ground and the yellow flowers that we found. I really enjoyed meeting Ian, as he was funny, smart and kind. He was a natural at posing, which made it easy to create images that made him look comfortable and true to himself.

Throughout the session, I was able to chat with Ian about his future goals and things that he enjoyed doing in school. He is a runner and is a part of cross-country and track & field. I could easily see him be a leader in these sports through his enthusiastic talk about being a part of the team and his work ethic at working toward his own personal goals in the sport as well.

Ian Senior-23.jpg
Ian Senior-133.jpg

In addition to talk about what sports he was involved in, he also talked about being a part of the school’s TV production. It was a newscast for the student body of Rampart High School, and his involvement in that has led him to want to pursue a career in television or broadcasting in some way. I think that it is so cool when students dive into clubs and activities that then spark a career interest in them. When talking about movies and the school’s students news, it was fun to see how Ian would light up and smile at the thought of all that he had been a part of. No doubt, he will be go on to do many more amazing things throughout his academics and career.

Ian Senior-395.jpg
Ian Senior-219.jpg