Colorado Springs Teen Photography at Rock Ledge Ranch | Middle School Friends Session

"There is nothing on this earth to be prized more than true friendship."

- Thomas Aquinas -


For a long while I have been wanting to work more with teens and create images that show their true beauty and personality.  Much like senior photos, middle school is also a time of so much change, learning about yourself, and transitions into learning how to become even more independent. It is often a time that can be uncertain yet joyful, scary yet exciting, and awkward yet special. I love to capture times of transition, and I feel drawn to helping others in learning find the beauty in the way that they are at this moment.  So in this very special photo session, I was able to connect with the best of friends, and working with all of these girls was so rewarding in being able to capture their friendship and what they bring to the relationship.

Friends Session-75.jpg

To have all four girls be a part of the Best Friends Session in Colorado Springs, CO, was nothing less than one of my favorite group sessions.  As middle schoolers too, they were able to joke around with each other with ease, put on their serious, model-like face, but also show their sweet, kind-hearted side. When I picture friends in middle school, I see all of these supports that each of these girls did for each  other: support through a hug, humor, compliments, genuine feedback, and kindness.  I hope to capture this essence of a friendship in  Best Friends Sessions.  And let's be honest, we could really do a best friends'session at any age.

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If you or someone you know, might be interested in truly capturing their bond, whether it be between two friends or seven, we can totally make this happen.  Friends are the people who are with us in the difficult time, they are the ones who carry us through moments in school that are new, they are the ones who we grow old with, and they are the ones that stand the test of time, always making it back into each other's lives with ease, as if no time has passed.  Who is that person for you?

Colorado Springs Middle School Photography

Best Friends Session in Colorado Springs, CO at Rock Ledge Ranch

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