Colorado Springs Senior Photography | Jake Senior Session | Pine Creek High School

It was a pleasure to meet Jake for his senior photos. I remember that he had a little bit of a headache that day, but even with the headache on the day of his shoot, he was a trooper to stick through it and he did so good at his session. We went to the Garden of the Gods for his session, and it did not disappoint. Jake was a quiet yet kind and gentle student who loved talking about his involvement with football and how he liked math. He was hoping to go into something like Engineering or something in the STEM field so that he would be able to use his math skills.

He also really loved the sport of football for the bond he had with teammates, being able to show his strength on the field, and for something that kept him involved. He lit up when he talked about football, and he hoped that if the right opportunities come along, that maybe he would be able to play at the college level. No matter what fate came his way for this new school year, I hope that Jake carries with him his leaderships skills that he has learned from playing sports, how to work on a team, and I hope that his love of math is still there as he start this new chapter in his life.