Kennedy Senior Session | Widefield High School | Fountain Creek Regional Park

Colorado Springs Senior Photography Widefield High School senior girl sitting in tall, colorful grasses in a green jacket and smiling at camera Stacy Carosa Photography Fountain Valley Park

I had a lot of fun meeting Kennedy for her Class of 2018 senior photos.  As her senior year comes to a close, I just know this girl is going to go on to do amazing things for herself and others.  Her kind spirit and care for others is what will make her an excellent nurse someday.  On top of that, she is determined to do well for herself academically and to live a happy life. Her ambition was contagious, and I really enjoyed speaking to her about all of her accomplishments and interests in school, like her involvement in Student Government, NHS, Peer Mentors & Link Crew, and the College Preparatory Program.

Kennedy's attitude about life in general is one that we could all take note of for ourselves.  It is one of service and a strong compassion toward others. Her heart is full of caring, and throughout her responses to questions about life and her future, it is lined with examples of how she values quality time with others. Some of her favorite past times is hanging out with friends, and she has been eyeing the medical field as a career because of the chance to help others. Even in her advice to future high school Freshmen students, she encourages others to be the best they can be so that they can have a good future: "Do whatever is going to benefit you in the long run. Don't be a victim of peer pressure."

Shout out to my parents for raising me to be the young lady I am today, shout out to my boyfriend for his unconditional love, and shout out to to all my friends for being there for me and always making me laugh.

I love reading about the people that Kennedy wanted to do a "shout out" to.  It is evident that she is close to her family and friends, and they have been a huge impact on the person that she is today.  In addition to her family and friends, she mentioned that her aunt has had a special influence on her, stating that she taught her that even in the darkest of times, you can't let it keep you down forever. One of her biggest life lessons is having l earned to become a leader, not a follower.  This is exactly what she is, a strong leader and role model.  I hope that all of Kennedy's dreams come true, she will make a fabulous nurse someday!

Colorado Springs Senior Photography at Fountain Creek Regional Park Girl sitting by river and tall grasses smiling at camera Stacy Carosa Photography