Kyrie Senior Session | Rampart High School | Rock Ledge Ranch

Meeting Kyrie at Rock Ledge Ranch in Colorado Springs, CO for her senior photography session was so much fun to be able to walk a round the ranch grounds and find all  kinds of beautiful backdrops.  It is one of my favorite places for senior photos because you can always find beautiful, quiet places for photos. Not to mention that Kyrie was a joy to work with in general. She would like to eventually go into the medical field as a nurse and work with babies, and I think that will be a perfect fit for her, seeing that she is kind, attentive, and very determined.  She will be able to easily connect with her clients and patients to give them the best care. I love to hear about the stories of students who dream of going into a certain field, and how what we end up striving for often times is connected to those childhood dreams right from the beginning.

Rock Ledge Ranch Senior Photos girls standing by barn door holding on to the window bars and smiling at camera Stacy Carosa Photography Colorado Springs

Kyrie has been involved in many things while in high school.  Some of her fondest memories is being a part of cross country, as she loves to run and be a part of nature. I couldn't have said it better, as she mentions that sometimes things in nature can be overlooked. I agree that as time passes, we can easily forget the beautiful scenery that we are living among.  I'm glad that Kyrie chose such a perfect place, like Rock Ledge Ranch, to represent loving nature and what it has to offer as part of her senior photos.  

Girl leaning against tree smiling at camera Stacy Carosa Photography Colorado Springs Senior Photographer Senior Session at Rock Ledge Ranch in Colorado Springs

In my senior questionnaire, I ask my seniors if there is anyone that they have been particularly inspired by, and Kyrie mentions her Aunt Lori.  She said that her aunt has taught her about living in the city and how to be a healthy, happy young woman.  If she could become anyone when she gets older, she would like to be like her Aunt Lori.  I love that family can have such an influence on each other, near or far, their mark can be endless. 

Wishing Kyrie all the best as she heads off to college in the fall.  Her dreams of becoming a nurse of in some capacity just being in the medical field are not far.  Her future and many new adventures are closer than what it may seem. It was an honor to be asked to take Kyrie's senior photos at Rock Ledge Ranch, and I am so glad to have met her. 

Girl standing among tall green plants in Rock Ledge Ranch for her Colorado Springs Senior Photography Session Stacy Carosa Photography