Kathryn & Dustin: Engagement | Rock Ledge Ranch

When you see tow people this in  love, you know there is something really special about their relationship.  While doing sessions with couples, we often like to capture the, "I'm whispering sweet nothings into my lover's ear" shot, but it's usually not nothing.  There is always something to say to the person who is about to be bound to you for life.  There is always something to say that will bring a smile on  each other's faces.  I am not sure what Kathryn and Dustin whispered to each other, but I can guarantee that these are all genuine smiles and the laughter of two people who know how to bring joy to one another.  

As Kathryn and Dustin prepare to say vows to each other in January that will forever bind them together as friends and lovers, they also look forward to a ll that the future holds.  They are excited to see how their family will grow, what fun and shenanigans they can get into, and where all of their adventures will take them.  To me, this sounds like the life of two souls destined to keep the kid-like spirit in each other for their continued happiness and curiosity.  

One of the most fun, annual adventures that Kathryn and Dustin talk about is going to Sturgis together!  Dustin is in charge of the driving and directions, while Kathryn rides along and enjoys the scenery.  Who needs a white horse, when your prince can drive on a motorcycle to great food, music, and landscapes (this sounds like the better deal to me!).  I am so glad that these two have these common interests to not only enjoy together, but for all of the stories to tell to others someday. 

I love how quickly relationships can build as well.  Shortly after dating began, Dustin started to travel more for work.  Together, they had to adjust how they communicated, but that only seemed to help them grow closer together.  Often times we hear of long distance relationships growing bitter, but when it, in fact, grows stronger, there is something more there than just a date here and there.  This shows commitment, loyalty, and admiration for each other.  When I see couples put in the work it takes to maintain a  relationship, it shows that each person positions the other in high regard.  I imagine that even with distance, that there is much laughter, talking, and kind text messages that hold together the already strong bond between these two.

Colorado Springs Engagement Photography Stacy Carosa

As they plan for their wedding and vows, I am sure the excitement continues to build.  In fact, I know it continues t o build because every time I would prepare to prompt these two into a pose, Boom, they were already there.  Being together is so natural for them.  Being together is right where they are suppose to be.  

I  asked Kathryn and Dustin which song would sum up their relationship, and they said "The Way You Make Me Feel"by Michael Jackson.  So on that note, I am off to listen to song King of Pop and finish putting together the gallery for the couple with all the laughs and joy.  Kathryn and Dustin, it was absolutely my pleasure to be the one to take your engagement photos.  You two are destined for a life of adventure and happiness.  

Colorado Springs Rock Ledge Ranch Engagement Stacy Carosa Photography
Colorado Engagement and Couples Photography Stacy Carosa
Colorado Springs Couples Engagement Rock Ledge Ranch Stacy Carosa