Colorado Springs Senior Photography | Kira Senior Session | Liberty High School

Where to start with Kira, it’s so hard to decide because she was such a delight to work with last year. We arranged to go to the Broadmoor for about half the session and then drove the short distance into Cheyenne Canyon. I loved how we had pictures of Kira in her band uniform and her lovely dress. It was the perfect backdrop for a more professional and elegant look.

Kira was the drum major for her high school band, and she was so proud of her position and responsibility within the band. What a great way for her to become a leader and learn how to guide others into excellence. As she moves on to college, I hope that she always holds on to all the lessons that being a part of such a great group, like a high school band, can teach students about working with others, patience, and compassion, which surely Kira already possessed.

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Our second set of photos at the Broadmoor Kira chose to wear this beautiful periwinkle and white dress. She looked like a model and she easily played the part as well. She was sweet and fun to work with, as she naturally moved from pose to pose throughout the session. The combination of the water, mountains, and foliage coupled well with her attire and her fun personality.

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Our second stop was into Cheyenne Canyon. At the foot of the drive into the actual canyon sits Starsmore Nature Center, and in there we went next to the stream. I loved that Kira also brought her dog to her session. I love it when students bring their pets, there is such a special bond to be had. Kira is a smart, kind, and determined young woman, and I have no doubt that she will go on to accomplish many things in her future. I hope that all of her dreams come true and that she is a part of many great adventures throughout her time beyond high school.

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These ones are some of my favorites!

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