John | Colorado Springs Senior Photography | Widefield High School

John was my first senior student that I had the privilege of working with this season, and he was a fantastic student to start with! I really really enjoyed getting to meet and talk to John, who is a student at Widefield High School. I love how he incorporated his professional side, as well as his athletic side. It’s fun to have students who dress up and look like they are already ready to go into the business world. John was also one of the kindest and sweet seniors that I have worked with.


Colorado Spring Senior Photography


John went from pose to pose with ease, and I loved it when his natural smile would come through. In talking with John, I learned about his hopes and dreams for the future and how much he cares for his school and friends. I am sure that his senior year will be unforgettable. After school, he is looking to study either accounting or possibly get into Personal Training, both of which I could see him excelling at easily.


I am so glad that John also chose to bring his Varisty jacket with him. I love when students in general incorporate the hobbies, sports, or activities that they are a part of because they often times help to shape the student into the person that they are. For John, this was no different. He attributes much motivation, encouragement, and friendships through him being involved in sports. John is a part of the cross-country, track and field, and wresting teams.


I am so glad that I had the opportunity to meet and work with John. I wish him all the best in his senior year and many new adventures in his future! In his senior questionnaire, he wanted to give a special thanks to his mom, stepdad, and grandparents. There is no doubt that with such a loving support system, that John will go on to do many amazing things and meet many new friends along his journey.


And these are some of my favorite of John - sitting on the picnic table with all of the green foliage around him. It was the perfect day and setting for senior photos, we even got Pikes Peak in some of them!